About The Portland Clinic

How you feel affects who you are, what you aspire to be, and what
you can achieve. And how you’re treated affects how you feel.

At The Portland Clinic, we’ve been treating the people in our community with trust, kindness and understanding for nearly 100 years. For us, that means asking good questions and paying close attention to your answers. Working hard to find out where you’re coming from, and what’s most important to you and your family. Creating a team of experts who embody Portland’s engaged, open-minded vitality. And developing thoughtful, collaborative ways to serve patients and achieve extraordinary results.

We’ve always been inspired by the optimistic, good-natured and adventurous people who make this community such a great place to live. Whether you’re in the city or the suburbs, whether you’ve been here a while or you’re just getting settled, we want you to be healthy, upbeat and ready to tackle the next big thing. To hike the trails, learn how to knit, volunteer in your neighborhood or walk the kids through a corn maze. To live the good life, Portland-style.

Good health is complicated—a delicate balance of body, mind and spirit. But great healthcare is simple: be trustworthy, kind and considerate. Treat people like family. And build relationships that last.


Giving full attention and best efforts in our daily tasks to ensure extraordinary results.


Treating our patients and each other with kindness, concern and understanding.


Committing whole-heartedly to our patients and each other.


Providing the most effective medical care and treatment options available.


Building healthy relationships through honesty, open communication and reliability.


Listening and working together to achieve our common goals.


Growing with and caring for one another in the Pacific Northwest since 1921.

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Our team believes that healthcare is better when it’s built on relationships, trust, collaboration and understanding.

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Recognized Affiliations


Patient Centered Primary Care Home Program

Patient Centered Primary Care Home

The Portland Clinic has been recognized as a Patient Centered Primary Care Home.  The Patient-Centered Primary Care Home Program recognizes clinics as primary care homes and makes sure they meet the standards of care.  The program is part of the Oregon Health Authority whose goal is to improve the health and care of all Oregonians. More info at Primary Care Home or Download Patient Fact Sheet.

Portland Coordinated Care Association


The Portland Coordinated Care Association

The Portland Clinic is a part of the Portland Coordinated Care Association (PCCA), a network of independent medical groups in Portland that pool resources to help lower costs, improve quality outcomes and perfect the patient experience. In 2015, the PCCA launched a Medicare Advantage product. The network exists to meet the needs of the changing healthcare market and provides a cost-effective option for self-funded employer groups. More info at Portland Coordinated Care.


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