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Find out how your nonprofit organization can apply for a grant

At The Portland Clinic Foundation, we know that our grant recipients—the nonprofits working on the frontline to meet some of our greatest societal needs—are the experts. We are here to support your work, not get in the way of it. That’s why we keep our grant applications straightforward, our reporting requirements simple and our funding unrestricted.

The Portland Clinic Foundation’s goal is to help Portland’s community nonprofits find the funds they need to do their best work. We do careful analysis to find areas of need that can most benefit from our investment, and we examine each applicant organization to ensure their work is impactful and their organization is stable.

We also balance evaluative rigor (on our side) with easy access for nonprofits. We know that grant applications are often a major stress for small organizations, as well as a distraction from their good work. We believe that an organization’s success should be determined by its impact in the community, not by its ability to fill out complicated forms. We also want to strengthen our nonprofit partners from the ground up, and we believe that they know their communities, and their needs, better than we do.

If you are interested in receiving a grant from The Portland Clinic Foundation you may apply online.

If you have any questions about your eligibility or need any other help, please contact us.

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