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Congratulations to our 44 “top docs and nurses!”

We're honored to be part of Portland Monthly magazine's annual list



In January, Portland Monthly named 40 of The Portland Clinic’s doctors and four of our nurse practitioners among its “Top Docs and Nurses of 2016.” We thank each of them for their hard work and excellent service.

The Portland Clinic Portland Monthly Top Docs:

  • Ron Allen, D.O., ophthalmology
  • John Barnes, DPM, podiatry
  • Mark Bates, M.D., internal medicine
  • Edward Bieniek, M.D., surgery
  • Laura Bitts, M.D., family medicine
  • Laura Bledsoe, M.D., pediatrics
  • Michah Brasseur, M.D., neurology
  • Prasanna Chandran, M.D., family medicine
  • Jeffrey Cleven, M.D., internal medicine
  • Jonathan Crist, M.D., sports medicine
  • Robert Crouse, M.D., internal medicine
  • Ertan Esmer, M.D., ear, nose and throat medicine
  • Andre Grisham, M.D., surgery
  • Jeffrey Hal, M.D., radiology
  • Tom Hirsh, M.D., radiology
  • Janson Holm, DPM, podiatry
  • Mary Horrall, M.D., pediatrics
  • Michael Hwang, M.D., orthopedics
  • Chris Hyun, M.D., gastroenterology
  • Terresa Jung, M.D., gynecology
  • Gary Kim, M.D., internal medicine
  • Megan Madden, M.D., neurology
  • Monika Malecha, M.D., ophthalmology
  • Stephen Mannino, M.D., dermatology
  • Cristina Mondragon, M.D., internal medicine
  • Amy Mulcaster, D.O., gynecology
  • Kathleen Palm, M.D., pediatrics
  • Michael Parsons, M.D., cardiology
  • Justin Pavlovich, M.D., ear, nose and throat medicine
  • Amanda Pickert, M.D., dermatology
  • Brett Rath, M.D., family medicine
  • Matt Reed, M.D., surgery
  • Lauren Roberts, M.D., family medicine
  • Janelle Rohrback, M.D., dermatology
  • Robert Sandmeier, M.D., sports medicine
  • Jay Shah, M.D., cardiology
  • Tom Starbard, D.C., D.O., manual medicine
  • Rebekah Trochmann, M.D., internal medicine
  • Mary Ellen Ulmer, M.D., pediatrics
  • Ehud Zusman, M.D., urology


The Portland Clinic Portland Monthly Top Nurses:

  • Michelle Grove, ANP, diabetes
  • Miles Holland, ANP, cardiology
  • Christine Olinghouse, FNP, diabetes
  • Vicki Swanson, FNP, family medicine

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