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Alex Bulochnik, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacy

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My journey to the west coast started from a lot farther east than most. My parents immigrated from Ukraine with my brother and I, two suitcases, and almost no knowledge of the English language. We lived in Europe and New York before finally setting in the suburbs of Minneapolis. I recall how hard my parents worked to ensure that my brother and I would have opportunity in the U.S. It’s fair to say that my interest in healthcare and pharmacy started with my mom who gave up a chemical engineering degree to work as a pharmacy technician in order help support us financially. I pursued pharmacy as both a tribute to her and from the desire to improve people’s lives, just as my parents improved ours.

I have always been a global thinker with an interest in how to improve systems to help populations of people. That is what attracted me to non-traditional practice areas such as health plan operations where I could shape health programs and policies for large cohorts of people in need.  I joined The Portland Clinic with an interest in getting back closer to patient care while also helping increase pharmacy involvement in The Portland Clinic’s renowned multidisciplinary care.

Experiencing what my parents faced and overcoming the challenge of starting over in a new country with almost no resources, I believe that any problem can be solved with the right attitude, approach, and persistence. I also appreciate the need for effective support systems at the individual and community level, especially in something as complex as healthcare. The balance of these two values shapes my practice approach.

This approach extends into my personal world as well. My wife and I are big fans of DIY home improvement projects that, sometimes, are beyond our initial capacity and skill set. Somehow, we always find a way to successfully get through them. When not working on work or home projects we enjoy Netflix binges and hikes with our two other furry Bulochniks.

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