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Having grown up in the mountains of the Northwest, living and working in Portland feels natural to me. It has a friendliness and closeness which are familiar to me. Easy access to hiking, skiing, and swimming with my husband, also a neuropsychologist at OHSU, is a blessing. Recently, we welcomed Winslow, our daughter, who now accompanies us on our travels, as well as showing us new-found wonders through her eyes. I was trained in the Northwest, attending the University of Puget Sound, pursuing interests nurtured by my father and mother, a neuropsychologist and a psychotherapist. Through my residency and post-doctoral fellowship, I was fortunate to work with mentors foremost in the field of neuropsychology, deepening my interest in the brain and behavior and extending my satisfaction in helping patients afflicted with various neurological conditions.

The Portland Clinic allows me to provide care in conjunction with primary medical providers in a collaborative and personalized way which I value highly, adding to the pleasure I take in my work. While I specialize in diagnostic evaluations with older adults, I also evaluate patients with a variety of neuromedical conditions, including epilepsy, brain injuries, vascular disease, and multiple sclerosis. I find patient-centered neuropsychological evaluations helpful for patients and their medical provider by confirming or clarifying diagnoses, providing a profile of cognitive strengths and weaknesses to guide treatment, and documenting changes in functioning due to treatment (e.g., pre- and post- surgery). Neuropsychological evaluations can also provide information regarding ability to work and capacity to make decisions. In concert with other medical care at the Portland Clinic, neuropsychology is able to create an integrated person-oriented approach to treatment which I find a particularly rewarding way in which to be of help.

I like to spend my free time exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband and young daughter. I also enjoy reading, cooking, and any opportunity to travel.

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