The Portland Clinic Foundation: 2017 Donors

Our work is possible because of our generous donors


Thanks to the leadership of its board and the generosity of its supporters and advocates, The Portland Clinic Foundation has had a remarkable first year of full operations! We thank the following donors for their commitment to helping their fellow Portlanders by advancing community wellness:

  • Jamie & Michael Anderson
  • Kristin Anderson
  • Sanna Ariki
  • Susan Bitz
  • Dr. Laura Bledsoe
  • Dr. Pat Blumenthal
  • Doug & Elizabeth Capps
  • Dr. Prasanna Chandran
  • Dick & Liz Clark
  • Dr. Jeffrey Cleven
  • Dr. Clifford Cooper
  • Dr. Jonathan Crist
  • Robin Croghan
  • Dr. Marie Louise D’Hulst
  • Robert & Karen Dernedde
  • Shannon Diede
  • Katherine Dobler
  • Clara Dublin
  • Dr. Oana Enea
  • Epic Systems
  • Brian Fike
  • Helen Flores
  • Paige Frederick
  • Dr. Hui-Ning Fung
  • Dr. Kelly Greeley
  • Ryan Grimm
  • Sharon & Sean Harbour
  • Dr. Barbara Harris
  • Dr. Janson Holm
  • Dr. Virginia Holm
  • Dr. Ian Horner
  • Dr. Michael Hwang
  • Dr. Chris Hyun
  • Dr. Marvin & Betsy Kaiser
  • Craig Kelly
  • Lizbeth Ruiz Lara
  • Michael Larson
  • Wes & Karen Lawrence
  • Alyssa McLean
  • Deborah Matya
  • Dr. Ronald Naito
  • Jerry Nudelman
  • The Portland Clinic LLP
  • Providence Foundation
  • Dr. Amanda Pickert
  • Jessica Rust
  • Barbara Size
  • Elizabeth Size
  • Dr. Thomas Starbard
  • Vicki Swanson
  • Dr. Brian Trafficante
  • Dr. Mary Ellen Ulmer
  • April Westfall
  • Tonya Wheeler
  • Pam White
  • Dr. Craig Wright
  • Erica Zabudsky
  • Tamara Zenger
  • Dr. Jaroslava Zoubek

There’s a lot of negativity out in the world right now, and we’re bombarded with a lot of things that are pretty heartbreaking. So, to be able to do something locally—even something as small-scale as a payroll deduction—is rewarding because you can see an impact right away.”

–Alyssa McLean, TPC Branch Manager, and TPC Foundation Board Member and Donor

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