#MeetYourDoc – Laura Sage, MD

Internal Medicine - Primary Care, Downtown

Growing up in Lexington, Kentucky, Dr. Laura Sage transformed an interest in the study of our complex human bodies and the diseases that afflict it, into a career in primary care after medical school to focus on improving the lives of future patients and developing healthy lifestyles to combat those diseases.

The Portland Clinic has had Dr. Sage on its roster since July 2017, after she moved to the Rose City with her husband, who is a PDX native. “I was drawn to The Portland Clinic with its smaller size, huge imprint on patients and long history of providing health care in Portland,” says Dr. Sage. “The close-knit community of practitioners provides a great opportunity for learning, plus, we both simply love the area!”

As far as practice is concerned, Dr. Sage enjoys keeping her patients, who span a large variety of populations and age groups, focused on preventative care. “What can you do to help prevent diseases from occurring, and if issues do arise how do you make lifestyle changes to reverse disease processes,” she asks.

Moving to Portland was a tremendous catalyst to her love of a variety of outdoor activities. Dr. Sage loves spending time outdoors with her husband and their dogs. In fact, most weekends you will find them hiking, kayaking, at a river or lake, or at the beach.

“I love to travel, which also fuels my fondness for working in medical clinics overseas,” Dr. Sage continued.  “I have helped with medical clinics in Nicaragua, Haiti, and Kenya.  And I hope to do more of this in the future.”