Urologists are the specialists who treat diseases and conditions of the urinary system, including the bladder, kidneys, testes, urethra, penis and more. The Urologists at The Portland Clinic use the most up-to-date techniques and tools to cure these ailments and more. Urological problems can be very sensitive to the individual, and we want you to know The Clinic physicians are caring, understanding professionals. If you’d like to schedule a one-on-one consultation, don’t hesitate to call.

PROCEDURES/SERVICES (Including, but not limited to)

  • Brachytherapy (radioactive seed implantation)
  • Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy to destroy kidney stones
  • Endoscopic and percutaneous techniques
  • Genitourinary reconstruction
  • Laparoscopic procedures including nephrectomy
  • Medical and surgical treatment for sexual dysfunction and impotence
  • Minimally invasive techniques for benign prostatic hyperplasia and other conditions
  • Minimally invasive injection therapies and other procedures for incontinence
  • Robot-assisted prostatectomy
  • Organ-sparing surgery for kidney cancer
  • Urodynamic evaluation
  • Vasectomy (no-scalpel)

Location Specialty Extensions Downtown – (503) 221-0161 x2221, x2393 Tigard – (503) 293-0161 x4115, x4134


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We recently received notice that the Solar Eclipse Glasses that our Ophthalmology department has been distributing to (eye) patients 7/25/17 - 8/11/17 have been recalled due to ISO certification uncertainty.  Even though the glasses indicate ISO 12312-2 certified, we have not received confirmation from the supplier that our order was sourced from a recommended manufacturer.  We are strongly advising that you discard and do not use the solar glasses if you picked them up from our Ophthalmology departments located at our Beaverton, Downtown and South offices and use glasses that have been supplied from a reputable vendor to ensure the utmost viewing safety.  (Note:  the Solar Eclipse glasses distributed through our pediatric department are confirmed to be ISO certified).