Anesthesiology & Pain Management

The Portland Clinic physicians have an ongoing relationship with Oregon Anesthesiology Group’s anesthesiologists (OAG).

In addition to providing expert anesthesia care in our day surgeries, OAG operates a referral-based clinic for the treatment of chronic pain. OAG anesthesiologists are fully trained physicians board certified in the field of both Anesthesiology and Pain Management. The combination of training and certification in these two specialties means their anesthesiologists bring a unique understanding to the treatment of our patient’s pain. OAG Pain Consultants are skilled in every type of anesthesia and pain medication and care for all types of pain-related cases ranging from neck and back pain, herniated discs, nerve pain, failed back surgeries, complex pain syndrome, arthritis, neuromuscular disease, and other common afflictions affecting more than 65 million Americans. They understand that each patient is unique and comes to them in search of a solution tailored to meet their individual pain condition. Unlike “pain specialists” who only perform injections, the OAG anesthesiologists work collaboratively with our Portland Clinic medical team to provide a comprehensive treatment plan. These plans may include optimization of various pain medications, physical therapy, pain psychology, neurology or neurosurgical consultation, further diagnostic studies, alternative therapies, and/or specific interventional pain treatment procedures.  (Please visit for more information on OAG and pain management services). Typically, an OAG physician will provide pain management treatments on-site at either The Portland Clinic Downtown Surgery Center or our Alberty Surgery Center.


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