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The Portland Clinic Centennial Library

Celebrating A Century

Making history Embracing a novel medical care approach pioneered by the Mayo brothers, four bright physicians partnered to create Oregon’s first private multi-specialty clinic in 1921. 
Growing with Portland As soon as we opened in downtown Portland, the challenge was keeping up with demand. Watch how we’ve grown with the city and diversified our specialties to serve the local community we know today.
Leaning into the future Get a first look at the future of health care at The Portland Clinic, and the people behind the efforts to continually advance wellness in our community.
Just in time When a visit to The Portland Clinic for a minor toe issue led to a cancer diagnosis, Anthony Herrington’s life changed forever. He recalls the support and empathy he felt from his doctors and care team.
Care beyond medicine While The Portland Clinic provides medical care to over 90,000 patients, The Portland Clinic Foundation goes beyond, providing grants to impactful non-profits doing good work in the community.
Doctor-patient creativity After facing a medical issue and surgery that women seldom talk about, The Portland Clinic patient Kate Kristiansen saw a creative opportunity to help others in her situation.
More than a job Working an entire career at one place — it happens at The Portland Clinic. Meet four incredible people with more than two centuries at The Portland Clinic between them.
Adjusting to crisis When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in late February, it nearly brought The Portland Clinic to a full stop. A response team was formed to navigate this unprecedented time.
Meet Dr. Wood Since he was a teenager, Dr. Wood had his eyes set on medicine. That ambition led him to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that changed heart surgery forever.
At peace through it all  After a nightmarish accident requiring five operations in 15 days, Sherold Barr faced a long and difficult recovery. Hear from her and her primary care physician, Dr. Mondragon, whom Barr calls a lifesaver.
Meet Dr. Naito Dr. Naito spent more than 30 years as a primary care physician at The Portland Clinic. He said there’s no better feeling or greater honor than helping other people.
Among the greats Norman Sylvester was inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame in 2011 and has shared the stage with music greats including Tower of Power and B.B. King. He’s also a patient of The Portland Clinic.
Two paths. One clinic.  Eleanor and Olga are two good friends with a lot in common—they’re both retired nurses from The Portland Clinic. Get to know their story as they reflect on their time at the clinic.
Meet Dr. Callahan After 25 years of seeing patients, Dr. Callahan became a patient himself. He says it was his music that ultimately allowed him, if only briefly, to escape his battles within.
Lifelong patients Stan Weber and Forbes Williams have been patients at The Portland Clinic for nearly as long as it’s been around. Hear their fascinating stories and how the clinic touched their lives.
Meet Dick and Liz Clark After experiencing foot and knee pain, Dick and Liz Clark went to The Portland Clinic right away. They’ll be the first to tell you that although Dick is the CEO, the CEO treatment is standard for everyone.
Above water In 2016, a broken waterline flooded the Downtown branch, causing extensive damage. That didn’t stop our staff from delivering care to the 300 patients per day during repairs.
Meet Dr. Cleven He was captivated by medical network dramas as a kid and knew that’s what he wanted to do. Dr. Cleven rose to become chief medical officer at The Portland Clinic.
Healing across the pond A UK-funded program to bring doctor house calls to Portland brought Mike and Patricia Ognall to the US. When the program ended, they stayed—and found family at The Portland Clinic.
Meet Mike Schwab When Mike Schwab started at The Portland Clinic in 1973, we were still operating out of an old hotel. Hear from him about moving to the new Downtown headquarters and becoming CEO.
Meet Dr. Sandmeier Helping patients continue doing what they love is at the heart of Dr. Sandmeier’s orthopedics and sports medicine practice.
Beyond the call of duty In 1917, the US entered the first Great War in Europe. Three Portland physicians, who would go on to establish The Portland Clinic, answered their country’s call.
Meet Dr. Alberty Roger Alberty, M.D., left his navy career to pursue medicine without knowing a thing about it. He later became one of Portland’s top surgeons, helping to launch the first outpatient surgical center in Oregon.

Centennial Stories