Eduardo Vides

Eduardo Vides, MD, FACP

Internal Medicine - Primary Care

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I was born in El Salvador to a family with a long tradition in healthcare over multiple generations, and was inspired by my father’s commitment to his profession and devotion to the care of his patients as an ear, nose, and throat specialist. Through his practice and volunteer work, I learned to serve and help all communities. I believe that everyone deserves the best medical care available, and I am an active partner in my patients’ well-being.

I started my training at Autonomous School of Medical Sciences in Costa Rica, followed by residency and fellowship in New York. A job offer in Eastern Washington first brought me to the Pacific Northwest, and eventually to the Portland metro area, where I have found my heart’s home in the Northwest and my husband, who actively supports me in my career.

Having a clinical interest in geriatrics and collagen vascular diseases has taught me that we all age in different ways and at our own pace, and how to recognize that the same disease process can present itself in different ways in people. I believe that in order to provide the best medical care, the doctor must consider the whole individual, their lifestyle choices, and cultural heritage. Learning about my patients’ life experiences is important for me to be able to guide them on how to achieve their health goals by making the right choices.

Recognizing the rapidly evolving science of medicine, I strive for excellence through continuing my lifelong learning process in healthcare by staying involved with the American College of Physicians, where I earned my fellowship in 2017.

Outside my clinical practice, I am revitalized by my time with family and friends, in cultural activities like the opera and the contemporary arts, quiet time in our garden, or an invigorating hike to Ramona Falls.

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Specialty: Internal Medicine, Primary Care

Locations: Northeast

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