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Thomas Dudrey

Thomas Dudrey, MD

Internal Medicine - Primary Care

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I was born and raised in Northeast Portland. I became interested in medicine as a child, when I would go along with my family members to visit their doctors. I saw how much these physicians were able to help my family, such as diagnosing and treating a growth hormone deficiency, or treating long-standing rheumatoid arthritis. While I did research in biology in college, I knew from the start that patient care was what I wanted to focus on. I left the state to study medicine at St. Louis University in Missouri as a student, and at the University of Washington at Boise as a resident, but knew that I would return to Portland. 

I decided to go into internal medicine because I wanted to enter a field that treats its patients — especially the medically complex or socially disadvantaged — as whole individuals. As a medical student, I often volunteered with underserved patients, and in my residency, I worked at the Boise VA hospital with veterans who often struggled with poverty and financial and social difficulties. My training impressed on me the value of listening, working with my patients as they are, and collaboratively problem-solving with them to address their medical concerns. I also learned how to work with a team of providers to provide more assistance than just one person can.

I keep myself level by spending time with my family, most of whom still live near where I grew up. I also like visiting the outdoors — either one of Portland’s parks on the weekend, or the mountains near Bend on vacations. I enjoy reading, and I try to keep current on a broad range of topics. I also exercise regularly, both to stay healthy and to help wind down after work.

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Specialty: Internal Medicine, Primary Care

Locations: Downtown

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