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My formative years were enriched by the presence of several elderly family members. Observing their resilience in the face of health challenges left me deeply inspired to become an advocate for those around me. Since those early days, my goal has been to help people navigate the intricacies of health care effectively in the pursuit of optimal well-being.

As a physician assistant, I am my patients’ collaborative partner in that pursuit. Whether I am assisting with a minor laceration or managing a complex chronic condition, I want each patient to be assured of my genuine caring, active listening, and profound respect for their individual needs and concerns. Being able to serve others and to make a meaningful difference in my patients’ lives is an immense source of joy and fulfillment for me.

I completed my undergraduate and physician assistant studies at Oklahoma City University. My professional background includes substantial hands-on experience in urgent care, which expanded my proficiency in a wide range of medical procedures, diagnoses and treatments for acute and chronic conditions. Two areas of particular passion for me are dermatology and allergies/asthma.

Attention to mental well-being is paramount to me, both in the care that I deliver to patients and in my own life. To maintain my own, I prioritize the fundamentals of self-care: following a balanced diet, staying hydrated, and embracing activities that nourish my mental health.

Beyond these essentials, I cherish a variety of pursuits that bring me joy: exploring hiking trails, playing board and video games with my friends and family, baking, crafting, drawing, anime, reading, and spending quality time with my pets. My partner and I made the life-changing decision to move to the Pacific Northwest in 2022, and today, with four cats and a dog rounding out our family, this truly feels like our forever home.

Please note: As a physician assistant, Tomorrow sees same-day/overflow patients for other Downtown Clinic physicians. Patients can’t choose Tomorrow as their primary care provider.

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Specialty: Internal Medicine

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