Patient Referral Information for Behavioral Health

Access to our behavioral health providers is for patients of The Portland Clinic only. You must have established care with a primary care provider at The Portland Clinic in order to get a referral to one of our behavioral health providers.

Your primary care provider will make a referral, even if your insurance company does not require one. This is to ensure coordination of services and the ability to identify which kind of services you may need. Your doctor may have referred you for a medication evaluation or psychotherapy. Different providers offer these services.
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After your primary care provider completes your referral, you will receive a call from our Behavioral Health Intake Coordinator. That person will review your referral and discuss options with you that will include the acuity of your symptoms, type of mental health professional you would like to see, availability of appointments, and insurance considerations.

Due to the high demand for services – a trend that is being seen locally and nationally – there may be a wait for an appointment. Our Behavioral Health Intake Coordinator will help facilitate an appointment with a provider in the community who you may be able to see more promptly, if you are experiencing a crisis.

If there is a wait for an appointment with one of our behavioral health providers at The Portland Clinic, you will be placed on a wait list. Wait list times can vary and the intake coordinator will be able to give you an estimated timeframe. Once you are seen by a behavioral health provider, you will be able to schedule ongoing follow-up appointments regularly until treatment is complete.