Clinical Pharmacy


Pharmacists, who once took the back role behind the counter, are now up front in primary care offices, collaborating with patients and providers to improve care, safety and results. The clinical pharmacists at The Portland Clinic use their specialized knowledge, experience and judgment to optimize medication therapy to help promote health, wellness and disease prevention. They work alongside your entire health care team to ensure that your medications are safe and appropriate and to answer any questions you have about how to take them and what to expect.  

Our clinical pharmacists are happy to see patients for new-medication consultations, comprehensive medication reviews, inhaler and glucometer training and many other issues.

SERVICES (including, but not limited to)

Having trouble meeting blood pressure or blood sugar goals?
Our clinical pharmacist will work closely with you to monitor your medications and guide your follow-up to help get your numbers where you want them.

Can’t remember to take medications on time?
Our clinical pharmacist may be able to switch you to a medication with a more convenient dosing schedule, or to suggest other resources that will make it easier to stick with your medication schedule.

Experiencing bothersome side effects?
Unusual new symptoms that crop up shortly after starting a new medication could be side effects of the drug. In many cases, our clinical pharmacist can suggest an alternative that will meet your therapeutic needs with fewer side effects.

Need help learning to use an inhaler or glucometer?
Whether you are a first-time user or just need a review to make sure you are using the equipment right, our clinical pharmacist can help.

Having difficulty affording medications?
Our clinical pharmacist often can recommend a generic alternative with a lower co-pay.

Concerned about interactions between medications?
The more medications you take, the higher the potential for interactions between them. If you are taking several medications, our clinical pharmacist would be happy to review all of them to make sure that they’re all safe to take together and not causing new problems or cancelling each other out.

Thinking about starting a new vitamin or supplement?
Vitamins and supplements are not strictly regulated the way that prescription medications are. Our clinical pharmacist can advise you about whether or not a particular supplement is safe to take along with other medications.

Curious about over-the-counter alternatives?
Our clinical pharmacist may be able to recommend non-prescription options to help with health issues.

Have other medication-related questions?
Please don’t hesitate to ask — our clinical pharmacist is here to help and happy to be an active part of your care team.



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