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MyChart: frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about your personal on-line health resource

What is MyChart?
MyChart is your personal on-line health resource that allows you to communicate with your healthcare team, request medical appointments and prescription renewals, view test results and access portions of your Portland Clinic electronic medical record through an encrypted, secure internet connection.

Who can participate?
All Portland Clinic patients who are at least 13 years of age and are under the care of a Portland Clinic clinician can enroll in MyChart.

Is there a fee to use MyChart?
MyChart is a free service offered to our patients.

How do I sign up?
All patients (13 years and older) to The Portland Clinic can sign-up for MyChart. Patients will be issued a MyChart activation code during their clinic visit or on their After Visit Summary. This code enables you to log in and create your own user ID and password. If you are an established Portland Clinic patient and currently not using MyChart but wish to and do not have an upcoming appointment, simply contact your health care provider’s office and they will help to enroll you. If you are a new patient to The Portland Clinic, you’ll need to wait until your initial visit at The Portland Clinic, at which you will receive your activation code.

Once you sign up for a MyChart account, MyChart will be the primary communication method between you and your provider.

For further questions about MyChart, who can I contact?
If you need information or technical assistance regarding MyChart, please contact the MyChart support team by email at Be sure to include your first and last name, and date of birth.

When can I see my test results in MyChart?
Your test results are released to your MyChart account after your physician has reviewed them. This is generally within 3 business days.

Why are certain test results not shared electronically via MyChart?
Some test results might not be available due due to the sensitive nature of the test. Generally test results are released within 3 business days after your provider receives the result. Test results of a very sensitive nature are not automatically released through MyChart. Results of unreleased tests will be communicated to you by your ordering provider.

If some of my health information on MyChart is not correct, what should I do?
Patient requests to amend their medical record can be made through The Portland Clinic’s Health Information Management department. You may contact the department at 503-221-0161 ext 2253.

If I send a message to my doctor or nurse, when can I expect a reply?
You should receive a response from your health care team member within 2 business days. Please note that MyChart messaging should not be used for urgent matters. Contact your physician’s office directly for immediate concerns or call 911 if you have a medical emergency.

Can I view a family member’s health record in MyChart?
Yes you can. This is called Proxy access and it allows you to log into your MyChart account, and then connect to information regarding your family member. Due to the sensitive nature of medical information access to the MyChart accounts of patients age 13-17 will have limited health information. You will need to complete a Proxy Consent Form or Proxy Consent Form for Minor and return it to one of our medical facilities to request access to this convenient service.

Can I ask questions regarding a family member from my MyChart account?
No. MyChart offers direct access to your personal health record and communicating about another individual’s information would be placed in your health record. This information would not appear in the correct health record and could potentially jeopardize medical care.

Can my spouse and I share one MyChart account?
No, due to the sensitive nature of medical information, each adult establish their own MyChart account.

I forgot my password. What should I do?
You may use the Forgot password? link on the sign-in page to reset your password online. If you have questions about resetting your password, you may contact the MyChart Support team at

Can I create my own password and change it when I want?
Yes, you can. Please keep your password confidential, and do not share it with anyone else. Your password can be changed online at any time by you. Your password is not known by anyone at The Portland Clinic.

If you believe someone has found out your password please change it. You can change your password in MyChart at any time by choosing “Change password” under the My Account section.

My Account is Locked or Deactivated
There are many reasons why an account could be deactivated. The most common reason is due to too many failed attempts to login.

For security reasons, MyChart will lock down or deactivate your account after five (5) failed attempts to login. To regain access to your account, please contact the MyChart Support team at

How can I update my personal information? (i.e address, phone number or email address)
Once logged into MyChart, click on My Account and choose the Change Demographics option to update your personal information.

When I try to log in, what should I do if MyChart keeps telling me “login unsuccessful”?
Make sure your Caps Lock key is not on. The password field is case sensitive. Make sure you do not enter extra spaces in either the MyChart ID or password boxes and try again. If you have forgotten your MyChart ID or password, try using the Forgot username or Forgot password links.If you have questions about your login information, you may contact the MyChart Support team at

I am not receiving alerts to my regular email when I have new MyChart information. What is wrong?
Sign onto MyChart and click “personal preferences”. Be sure that your email address has been accurately entered. Make sure that the “internet email Alerts” box is checked. Then click the “submit changes” button.

How is MyChart secure?
Your MyChart personal health information is carried over a secure, encrypted connection. This secure connection utilizes industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption to ensure secure data transmission between you and The Portland Clinic.

What is your Privacy Policy?
MyChart is owned and operated by MyChart and is fully compliant with federal and state laws pertaining to your privacy. Your name and email address will be treated with the same care and privacy given your health records and will never be sold or leased by MyChart.

I was logged out of MyChart, what happened?
MyChart wants to protect your privacy. While logged into MyChart, if your keyboard remains idle for 15 minutes or more, you will be automatically logged out of MyChart. We recommend that you log out of your MyChart session if you need to leave your computer.

What are the minimum requirements to access MyChart?

PC, Mac
Supported Browsers:
Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10
Firefox 30.x and above
Safari 6.x on Mac
Google Chrome 35.x and above
Session Cookies enabled
JavaScript enabled
Optional Features:
128-bit SSL capability (for secure messaging)

MyChart is hard to use on my smartphone or tablet.
The free MyChart Mobile app is available on both iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android devices, and can be obtained from the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store. MyChart Mobile offers an easy-to-use experience that is optimized for these portable devices. Just search for The Portland Clinic the first time you launch the app, and sign in using your existing MyChart username and password.

iOS users: MyChart App requires iOS version 6.1 or newer. Not all mobile devices will be compatible with the MyChart app. Older devices may not be able to update to iOS 6.1 and the MyChart app cannot be used.

Can you send me a new activation code if I have lost it, forgot it, let it expire or did not receive it?
If you have lost your activation code, forgot your code, did not receive it or let it expire, contact your physician or health care provider’s office for assistance in obtaining a new activation code.

My activation code does not work, what should I do? For your security, your access code expires after 60 days and is no longer valid. If you allowed yours to expire, contact your physician or health care provider’s office for assistance in obtaining a new activation code.

Is my activation code my user Username?
No. Your activation code is not your MyChart Username or password. Use the activation code once to log into MyChart for the first time. (The code expires after use or after 60 days). During your first visit to MyChart, you create a unique MyChart ID and password.

Please remember that MyChart is a tool to enhance your health care experience at The Portland Clinic. If you have an urgent matter or question about your health condition, always contact your health care provider directly by telephone or 911 if you have a medical emergency.