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Anticoagulation Clinic


The AntiCoagulation Clinic (ACC) is a service The Portland Clinic provides to help manage patients taking anticoagulation medications (such as Warfarin, Pradaxa, Xarelto, and Eliquis). AntiCoagulation medications that help prevent blood clots and can be dangerous if not closely monitored. The clinic is staffed by registered nurses who have special training in anticoagulation therapy. The clinic is overseen by one of Portland Clinic’s own physicians, Dr. Ron Naito, who is available for consult should the need arise. The ACC department also works closely with other departments when patients are undergoing surgeries, biopsies, and other procedures to ensure that the patient is safely managed under their condition.

The main goal is proper management of the patient’s anticoagulation medication therapy. To facilitate this, the RN obtains the patient’s blood results through a finger stick and the results are provided immediately. The clinic can make any adjustments to the dosing regimen based on the results. Also at these visits, the RN monitors the patient for any changes in diet, medication or general health which may affect the medication regime. The ACC staff is available to answer questions the patient (or Portland Clinic staff/physician) may have about his or her anticoagulation therapy. The staff works closely with the patient to make it a safe and positive experience. The staff is always available as a resource, so feel free to contact them at any time!


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