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Manual medicine is a specialty that deals with the musculoskeletal system, especially relating to the spine. Muscle pains and spasms occur from many different causes such as sporting injuries, car accidents, over-activity or even just a crick in the neck from poor sleep posture. Minor joint derangements or subluxations often occur at the same time. In manual medicine, the doctor uses a variety of manipulation techniques, applied most often with the hands, to decrease the muscle spasm and tension and correct the joint derangements. Sometimes a chiropractic-type “adjustment” is used. Sometimes a more gentle approach is needed. Almost all patients receive instructions on how to stretch and/or strengthen the painful area to alleviate the current problem, or if it is a recurrent condition, how to diminish the episodes.

Dr. Starbard is both a chiropractor and an osteopathic physician. He can customize hands-on treatment using many different styles from very gentle, light-touch techniques to muscle stretching techniques to joint manipulation (popping) techniques. As a physician, he can utilize muscle or joint injection techniques, when necessary.


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