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Ron Allen: The gift of sight

Learn why this Rose City physician serves patients all over the globe.

Portland summer: Hit the water to stay cool

Summer weather in PDX is ideal for (safe) water activity

Keep your aches and pains in check, Rose City

What are your bones, joints and muscles trying to tell you?

Oana Enea: Connecting with greater Portland families

True relationships lead to outstanding care

Men of Portland: Make your health a priority

Wear blue to encourage longer, healthier lives for our brothers, sons, husbands, fathers and friends

Moderate vs. heavy drinking

Answers and insights from Tara Heeney, DO

How fat is your blood?

The power of cholesterol testing, by Poonam Chhibber, MD

Seven foods, seven weeks to lower cholesterol

Start a healthy plan and make a delicious recipe

The Portland Clinic Foundation Announces 2017 Grantees

16 local organizations will receive a total of $30,000

Recognizing local healthcare heroes

Congratulations and thank you to our Nurse of the Year nominees!

Ian Horner: Family man, family physician

Relationship-based care helps people live their healthiest

Northeast Portland to welcome new wellness center

Multiple institutions join forces to offer new health access and resources

A springtime focus on mental health

Sunny skies in Portland provide one of many ways to improve our mental health

New chief medical officer joins The Portland Clinic

Craig Wright, M.D., brings more than 25 years of experience to clinic

See a spot, check a spot

Protecting your skin in the Pacific Northwest

Edward Bieniek: Total team effort

True collaboration boosts patient care

Protect yourself – and those around you

Doctors at The Portland Clinic urge neighbors to get vaccines

Welcoming a New Face to the Family

Jeffrey Woldrich MD joins The Portland Clinic Urology Practice


Answers and insights from Amy Mulcaster, DO, Gynecologist

Tired, slow and gaining weight: Hypothyroid?

Insights, answers and next steps from Ann Marie Paulsen, MD

Can what you eat keep you sharp?

Make an impact with a
Mediterranean diet

Prepping PDX for outdoor exercise

As the weather dries out, keep your outdoor workouts safe and effective

Consider the gift of love and life

How residents of the Rose City can make a difference through organ donation

Congratulations to our 2017 “top docs and nurses”

Proud to be included in Portland Monthly’s annual list

Keep Portland regular

Understanding one of the most common cancers, so Portland can fight colorectal disease

Rip City Red: Not just for your team, but for your heart!

Raising awareness to keep Portlanders healthy and fight one of the leading causes of death

Chris Hyun: Listening leads to understanding

Open-ended questions spur real relationships


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