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Hello, NE Portland. We’re so glad to be here.

See the new space

The Portland Clinic’s new Northeast branch opened on July 9, with more space, more sunlight, and an innovative design that expands our ability to serve our current patients and our growing community.

For Dr. Lauren Roberts (who has retired since our Northeast clinic opened) a Portland native, family medicine practitioner and one of Portland Monthly magazine’s “Top Docs” for multiple years, it’s a truly outstanding opportunity to serve patients and make an impact in the community.

To take a 360-degree virtual tour of our new space, hit “play” on the panoramic photos below. Use your mouse or finger to click, drag and explore the clinic.

Q: Why did you choose this location?

Dr. Roberts: The Portland Clinic had been looking for quite awhile for a site to relocate the East and Columbia clinics to a single branch that would be able to serve more patients as well. The 50th and Sandy site is everything we were hoping for: located in the midst of neighborhoods, good accessibility by public transit, some parking. Best of all for me, it is in the area where I grew up and where my children have grown up, my home. I am deeply touched by the opportunity to serve this part of Portland. I’m delighted about that, and I think our providers share these feelings.

[vrview img=”/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/4uwuGvujL49-07.09.2018_09.40.53-1.jpg” view=”360″]

Q: What will patients and providers love about the new building?

Dr. Roberts: We’ve done a lot of work and study about Lean Design, which is an approach that’s intended to make a patient’s experience in the clinic as pleasant, efficient and smooth as possible. We want to give our patients more of what they want—more time with their clinician, less waiting—and we have visited other clinics and researched to see how to make this possible, so getting to actually do it is very exciting.

[vrview img=”/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/4uwuGvujL49-07.09.2018_09.39.22-1.jpg” view=”360″]

Q: How will the building’s design make the patient experience great?

Dr. Roberts: Everything really comes together in the exam rooms. They are larger, and we can do many things for our patients right there, including weighing, measuring and drawing blood. It makes it a more pleasant and private experience for patients, which is outstanding.

I also love the entrance to the building; it’s nice to look at and a pleasant place to be. And upstairs, our “Pause” areas have amazing windows, which makes things bright and sunny in the summer, and even in the winter it will be more pleasant than a closed room. By the way, we call them “Pause” areas because the intent is that people won’t have to wait there long.

[vrview img=”/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/XSJnBvtxAfq-07.09.2018_09.16.12-1.jpg” view=”360″]

Q: How will the new clinic influence other locations in the future?

Dr. Roberts: My experience is that patients care most about the relationship they have with their doctor, not the space itself. But as we remodel or rebuild other clinics as that becomes necessary, patients should see some of the new clinic’s innovations.

[vrview img=”/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/2n22uR22t1Q-07.09.2018_09.45.57-1.jpg” view=”360″]

At The Portland Clinic Northeast, you’ll find all of your current doctors, plus all of these services under one roof: Family Medicine; Internal Medicine; Psychology; Neurology; Gynecology; Urology; Orthopedics; Physical Therapy; Manual Medicine; Foot and Ankle Care; Ear, Nose and Throat Care; Gastroenterology; Radiology; Anticoagulation Services; Sleep Medicine; Diabetes Management; Care Management; Pharmacy Services; a laboratory and even a grocery store. Basics, a new Oregon-owned grocery store, will offer fresh ingredients, healthy recipes and cooking classes on-site to simplify shopping and promote good health. Our new location also provides plenty of patient parking and easy access to public transportation. We hope to see you here soon.