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Promoting healthy vision in PDX

6 tips to protect your eyes during Contact Lens Health Week

Portland has no shortage of beautiful sights on which to lay our eyes. A clear view of Mt. Hood from downtown, the beautiful flowers in the Rose Garden, or the Blazers and Timbers from any seat may come naturally for some residents, but for those who require corrective lenses, it may be difficult to keep a sharp eye without a little assistance.

This week is Contact Lens Health Week, when individuals are reminded to practice healthy habits and reeducate themselves on proper contact lens hygiene. It is important for all Rose City residents to keep their contacts refreshed, up to date and clean for the sake of optical health. Poor vision, serious eye conditions and corneal problems are always a risk when contacts are improperly maintained. The best way to ensure you’re on the correct track is to schedule an annual eye exam.

In addition, the eye care physicians at The Portland Clinic recommend following the contact lens tips and tricks below for optimum contact care and vision:

  • Whenever you’re handling contact lenses, make certain your hands are clean and free of any contaminants.
  • Inspect your lenses before wearing to ensure there are no particulates, such as dust, dirt or eye lashes present.
  • Confirm your lenses are applied correctly on your eye. An inside-out lens may cause blurriness, an uncomfortable feeling and have a greater chance of falling out.
  • If you wear multiuse contacts, be aware of the several solutions available to sanitize your lenses. Whether it’s multipurpose, hydrogen peroxide-based, or enzymatic protein solution, understanding each solution’s directions and potential dangers is important. A full list of contact-care systems and recommendations can be found here.
  • Remember—water is not a safe or sterile solution in which to cleanse your lenses.
  • Do not sleep in your contacts unless your eye care specialist approves.

All corrective contact lenses require a prescription from a licensed eye care professional and it’s important to remember over-the-counter decorative or colored lenses are not approved medical devices. Without a proper fitting or prescription, you are at a higher risk for injury. Before you use any corrective lenses, you should talk with your eye doctor.

The doctors and nurses at The Portland Clinic encourage you to take this week to refresh your knowledge of contact lens care. If you have questions about your eye health or need advice regarding corrective lenses, please call 503-223-3113.