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Check yourself this National Diabetes Month

You may be the center of your diabetes care team — but you are not alone.

What color are your vitamins?

Add more color to your family’s diet

Put your best foot forward

Five tips for active feet, by Janson Holm, DPM

Q&A: Breast Cancer Screening

Answers and insights from The Portland Clinic team

Keeping your health priority #1

Urology Awareness in September to battle all-too-common ailments

Ertan Esmer: Here to help people of all ages

Making sure every patient’s voice is heard

You can never be too prepared, Portland

September marks National Preparedness Month

Hear those bells? It means back-to-school time for Portland students

Keep your children, families and teachers healthy when Portland area schools open for the year

Enjoy the solar eclipse safely, Portland

The solar eclipse will be visible in Oregon on August 21

Ron Allen: The gift of sight

Learn why this Rose City physician serves patients all over the globe.

Portland summer: Hit the water to stay cool

Summer weather in PDX is ideal for (safe) water activity

Keep your aches and pains in check, Rose City

What are your bones, joints and muscles trying to tell you?

Oana Enea: Connecting with greater Portland families

True relationships lead to outstanding care

Men of Portland: Make your health a priority

Wear blue to encourage longer, healthier lives for our brothers, sons, husbands, fathers and friends

Moderate vs. heavy drinking

Answers and insights from Tara Heeney, DO

How fat is your blood?

The power of cholesterol testing, by Poonam Chhibber, MD

Seven foods, seven weeks to lower cholesterol

Start a healthy plan and make a delicious recipe


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