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Keep Portland regular

Understanding one of the most common cancers, so Portland can fight colorectal disease

Rip City Red: Not just for your team, but for your heart!

Raising awareness to keep Portlanders healthy and fight one of the leading causes of death

Chris Hyun: Listening leads to understanding

Open-ended questions spur real relationships

The facts and myths about drugs and alcohol

Helping Portland teens live a smart, healthy lifestyle

The Portland Clinic Among Most Admired Companies in Oregon

Survey of 400 CEOs puts Clinic in top 10% of state’s healthcare companies

Increase your happy, reduce your stress

5 smart ways to prevent stress, from Pat Blumenthal, PsyD

Q&A: Kids and colds

Expert insights from Melissa Calhoun, DO

Resolutions that stick

How Portlanders can craft New Year’s resolutions that will last throughout 2017

Tips for festive meals in the Rose City

Keep your holiday food cravings under control this season

Leaving the Rose City for the holidays?

Happy holiday travel tips for journeys near or far

Welcome to the holiday season, Portland!

Wishing you a happy holiday with tips to ensure your continued health

Don’t let the Pacific Northwest rainy season hinder activity

Stay active and healthy this winter with a few indoor activity tips

Have a happy (and healthy) Thanksgiving, Portland!

Prepare yourself for the upcoming festivities with these healthy tips

Get a grip on Portland’s slippery sidewalks

Stay grounded and warm this season with winter weather safety tips

PDX takes a stand against diabetes

Learn how to prevent and treat the disease during National Diabetes Month

Trick or treat PDX

Enjoying a healthy and safe Halloween in the Rose City

How physical therapy keeps Portlanders moving

#ChoosePT to help stay active and healthy in the face of an injury

Andre Grisham: Start with a conversation

You can learn a lot when you listen

Battling breast cancer in Portland

Neighbors join the country in marking National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Changes on the East Side

FAQ's regarding our upcoming expansion

Fighting the flu in the Rose City

The Portland Clinic once again teams with Raphael House to administer free flu shots

Less stress, more happy in PDX

Marking Mental Illness Awareness Week in the Rose City

Shake out the salt

6 steps to a more sodium-savvy life + 3 salt-free recipes

Q&A: Fixing plantar fasciitis

Advice and solutions from Antonia L. McClune, DPM

Keep Your Rose City Glow

Watch dermatology tips and advice from Pamela Scherer, M.D.

New faces and one prestigious award

Meet our newest doctors and celebrate a special honor

Raising awareness of prostate and ovarian cancer in the Rose City

Stay informed, proactive and healthy during national prostate and ovarian cancer awareness month.

Avoid injury when you tackle fall yard work

Stay safe and injury free while raking leaves, cleaning gutters and prepping the yard for Jack Frost


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We recently received notice that the Solar Eclipse Glasses that our Ophthalmology department has been distributing to (eye) patients 7/25/17 - 8/11/17 have been recalled due to ISO certification uncertainty.  Even though the glasses indicate ISO 12312-2 certified, we have not received confirmation from the supplier that our order was sourced from a recommended manufacturer.  We are strongly advising that you discard and do not use the solar glasses if you picked them up from our Ophthalmology departments located at our Beaverton, Downtown and South offices and use glasses that have been supplied from a reputable vendor to ensure the utmost viewing safety.  (Note:  the Solar Eclipse glasses distributed through our pediatric department are confirmed to be ISO certified).