Plan your plate (and your glass)

Weight management tips from our nutrition team

Managing weight isn’t all about food. But food is definitely part of it — and sometimes a stressful one.

This year, let’s dial back the stress and turn up the success. Throughout 2024, our nutrition team will share some of our most positive and effective strategies for eating well to manage weight. You’ll find no daunting challenges here. Just bite-sized, doable strategies that you can adopt, one per month, to make meaningful, incremental changes all year. Happy New Year, indeed.

This winter: Plan your plate (and your glass)

The new year is the ideal time to get organized. For successful weight management — now, and for life — that means organizing your plate, your glass and your mindset. Here are three strategies to get you started.

January: Plan your plate

Portion control is a big deal for weight management. One simple strategy that sets you up for success is to switch to a smaller plate. Choose one that’s about 9 inches across.

Next, plan what goes on your plate. For balanced nutrition and weight control, mentally divide your plate into quarters. Use one quarter for protein, one for whole grains, and two (half of your plate) for fruits and vegetables — especially non-starchy veggies.

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February: Focus less on calories, more on quality

Counting calories can be challenging, and can turn eating into a numbers game, instead of the nourishing pleasure that it’s supposed to be.

In February, give yourself permission to count calories a little less, and to focus more on eating high-quality foods that feed your body, not your cravings. Lean, muscle-building proteins; high-fiber fruits, veggies, beans and whole grains; and satisfying, heart-healthy fats keep your body full, fueled and functioning at its best.

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March: Stop drinking your calories

Coffee drinks, energy drinks, sodas, juices and cocktails can add up to hundreds of calories a day (not that we’re counting). And they’re low-quality calories, at that, contributing more to your waistline than to your nutrition. In March, start trading at least half of these beverages for clean, natural, calorie-free water, black coffee or unsweetened tea.

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