Don’t let the Pacific Northwest rainy season hinder activity

Stay active and healthy this winter with a few indoor activity tips

Woman at art museum

There’s no questioning the ambition of Portland residents, who enjoy the majestic outdoors of the Pacific Northwest when the sun shines and every aspect of nature when the annual rainfall hits. While many will unpack their winter rain gear to hike, bike and explore these next few months, there may be some moments when you simply decide to enjoy the dry, warm indoors.

The doctors and nurses at The Portland Clinic always encourage our neighbors to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, no matter the weather, so we’ve put together a few tips on how to maintain health, mind and body while inside during the rainy season.

Maintain a healthy diet

The winter months are the perfect time to explore new recipes, especially with the holidays right around the corner. Break out that slow cooker and your family cookbook to explore all of the healthy options available to you. There are plenty of farmers markets open through November and throughout the year to help expand your natural-food intake.

Consider growing your own herb garden to help spice your meals perfectly. It only takes a little bit of counter space and a small amount of effort to grow basil, mint, parsley and thyme indoors. Your plants may not have a high yield, but the satisfaction of growing your own food is well worth it.

Nutritionists are also available at The Portland Clinic to answer any questions you may have about healthy eating or make recommendations for meal choices based on your particular needs and goals.

Stay sharp — knowledge is power

Yes, you’ll have to step out briefly into the elements, but there are many opportunities to learn in our city. The Portland metro area has no shortage of museums — you can get hands on and explore all aspects of science at OMSI, or view timeless, classic and modern art pieces at the Portland Art Museum.  

Portland is home to many bookstores, offering plenty of literary entertainment on a daily basis. In addition to Powell’s — the world’s largest independent bookstore and one of the most well known — explore Annie Bloom’s Books, Bridge City Comics or Broadway Books, among the countless others throughout our city.

Work on your fitness

If you’re taking a pass on the waterfront run or cross-city bike ride due to the rain, there are opportunities to stretch, maintain your strength and increase cardiovascular fitness. Whether you’re into yoga, high-intensity interval training or CrossFit, all you need to develop an effective plan is your body weight and some space. A strong and varied combination of movements — including squats, push-ups and lunges — will do wonders for your health. If you have a dedicated area for large or small weights, we encourage you to use them safely. Please contact your physician before you begin any new fitness routine.

The doctors and nurses at The Portland Clinic want to ensure all Portlanders have a healthy and productive rainy season. Whether you have an exciting weekend adventure planned or want to take a few days to enjoy our home city, there are plenty of opportunities to stay fit and smart. If you have any questions regarding home fitness, nutrition or your general health, please do not hesitate to contact The Portland Clinic at 503-223-3113 or schedule an appointment online.