Leaving the Rose City for the holidays?

Happy holiday travel tips for journeys near or far

Our series on healthy holiday tips continues with a focus on travel. Whether you’re driving across the country, flying across an ocean or simply crossing the Willamette to visit friends or family, doctors and nurses at The Portland Clinic want to ensure our neighbors’ safe departure from and return back home to the Rose City.

When traveling, it is important to research as many aspects of the trip as possible to keep yourself safe, healthy and happy while on vacation. The CDC Survival Guide to Safe and Healthy Travel is a tremendous resource for travelers leaving the country and a great reference for all vacations.


  • Location — Have a firm grasp of the area you plan to explore. Understand the climate, potential weather extremes and the most efficient/safe means of traveling between points of interest.
  • Proper attire — Based on the weather, pack the necessary and proper clothing, whether it’s long sleeves, hiking boots, bike helmets, surf shorts or sandals. You’ll want to be prepared for any extreme change in temperature.
  • Health concerns – Have there been any health scares in the area? Are there any restrictions on travel to your destination? Know the proper vaccinations necessary to enter the country and when they need to be administered. The CDC keeps an updated database on travel health notices. Don’t forget sunscreen!
  • Food and beverage — Is the tap water potable? Remember: Ice is made from tap water too. Be cognizant of your food allergies and know that food preparation can affect those — dishes you’re used to at home may have different ingredients. While you will likely indulge a bit while vacationing, make sure to sneak in a few healthy meals. Healthy snacks are a great way to balance your diet and save a few dollars.

If your plans take you south of the Equator this holiday season, visit The Portland Clinic healthy summer travel blog to brush up on our hot-weather tips.

Above all, we encourage patients to have routine checkups and physicals to make certain you are physically fit to travel, especially for adventure-seeking vacations — climbing mountains, hiking through deserts, diving, etc. If you have any questions or concerns about your health for upcoming travel plans, consult your physician at The Portland Clinic. Call 503-223-3113 to schedule an appointment.