#MeetYourDoc — Amanda Pickert, MD

Learn more about dermatologist Amanda Pickert, MD

Amanda Pickert, MD, has a spring in her step and a smile at the ready as she strolls through The Portland Clinic Dermatology department. She has the experience and expertise to face any skin predicament that troubles her patients — from simple blisters and rashes to psoriasis, eczema and life-threatening diseases and infections. Unlike other organs, the skin almost always tells you when something’s wrong.

Going into Dermatology was far from a rash decision for Dr. Pickert. It grew on her over time. It all began in high school when her health sciences class peered into an operating room during a class field trip. “I stood for eight hours watching open-heart surgery, and it was quite possibly the most exciting thing I had seen by the age of 17,” she says.

As college approached, she knew it was finally time to put some skin in the game. She didn’t initially set out to be a Dermatologist, but her excitement for the subject boiled over during medical school when she realized she was a visual learner and well suited for the specialty. From then on, her path forward was clear. She completed her medical degree at Texas Tech University HSC School of Medicine and spent five years in Arizona for her Dermatology residencies at the Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education in Scottsdale.

While she enjoyed the easy access to outdoor adventure in Arizona, Dr. Pickert — and her skin — grew tired of the prohibitively hot weather. “I have always loved the Northwest,” she says, “so I made the move to Portland to start my Dermatology practice in 2014.” Today, she cites the greenery as among her favorite things about living in Portland, as well as the sense of community and ever-present spirit of creativity and collaboration. She appreciates the multidisciplinary structure of The Portland Clinic, which allows for access to other specialists and assists in coordination of care. Then there’s the lighter side of things, like the time everyone in The Portland Clinic Dermatology department dressed up as Minnie Mouse for Halloween.

Dr. Pickert says her professional philosophy is that quality patient care, good communication, sound diagnoses and appropriate treatment selection drive good outcomes. “I value efficiency and clarity, but my main joy comes from educating patients and watching their conditions improve,” she says. That philosophy led to the most rewarding words she’s heard during her career at The Portland Clinic: “Doc, you have cured me.”