#MeetYourDoc – Jeffrey Cleven MD, Chief Medical Officer, Internal Medicine, Downtown

The Portland Clinic celebrates Dr. Jeffrey Cleven’s well-deserved retirement after 40 years of service.

Chief medical officer and doctor of internal medicine Jeffrey Cleven wanted to pursue medicine since the fourth grade. In elementary school, his interest in science and knack for helping people reinforced this spirit, eventually leading him on a path to medical school, a career in internal medicine and all the way through to retirement, which will commence at the end of 2017.

Dr. Cleven received his medical training in the Midwest, but spent his high school years in Oregon, where he appreciated the beauty of our Pacific Northwest. He always felt Portland would make a great home, so when one of the doctors he was training under accepted a position at The Portland Clinic, he booked an appointment to interview as well. Forty years later, Dr. Cleven is still providing tremendous service to our neighbors throughout the Rose City.

What has kept Dr. Cleven motivated to stay at The Portland Clinic for four decades? “My favorite aspect about working at The Portland Clinic is really getting to know the patients who selected me as their physician. The most interesting memories I recall are of the wonderful people I’ve met – those who became long-time patients. The wonderful staff at The Portland Clinic has also been a tremendous career perk.”

Of course Dr. Cleven’s family, who also calls the city home, has been a strong contributor to his tenure in PDX. When not providing medical treatment to patients, Dr. Cleven often spends time with his five-year-old grandson. “He definitely energizes me,” he says.

The Portland Clinic is proud to have had Dr. Cleven for 40 great years of service and will certainly miss his contributions to the health of our community. “As I wind down my career and prepare to retire at the end of 2017, I am pleased that my patients keep telling me I am too young to hang up my coat. I don’t always agree on that point, but I hope my healthy lifestyle – something I truly believe has contributed to my ability to continue practicing – is adopted by all patients. I want to set an example that results in a citywide adoption of healthy living. I truly spent my career practicing what I preach!”

Thank you, and best wishes in your retirement, Dr. Cleven.