#MeetYourDoc — Jeffrey Woldrich MD, Urology

A lifelong passion for science can often lead to the confines of a lonely laboratory, which was the exact opposite of Dr. Jeffrey Woldrich’s idea of a perfect career. Looking for opportunities to grow with both patients and colleagues, Woldrich turned his childhood interests into a tremendous career in medicine, specializing in Urology at The Portland Clinic.

“Urology has a nice balance between large surgeries, small procedures and office visits — we take care of patients in all stages of health. Urology is a specialty that allows us to solve specific problems, while also building long-term relationships with patients suffering from chronic conditions,” he says.

In that continued pursuit of togetherness, Woldrich accepted a position with The Portland Clinic in February 2017. The collaborative practices and multiple specialties within The Portland Clinic, combined with his love of Portland’s eccentricities, inspire Woldrich every day.

“The family vibe among my colleagues at The Portland Clinic helps all of the staff, patients, doctors and nurses thrive and succeed,” Woldrich says. “The Portland Clinic, and the city itself, are friendly places where everyone is working together to better themselves.”

A native of the Bay Area, Woldrich has adapted to the Pacific Northwest lifestyle quite well. The proximity of Portland to the coast and wine country is a strong case for putting down roots here. “I really like Portlanders in general, and the patient population served by the clinic represents the quirkiness of our community well,” states the Urologist, who was so well liked in the Bay Area that his patients have threatened to follow him north!

When not practicing his patient-centered approach to medicine, Woldrich makes stained-glass windows, hikes the beautiful terrain of the Northwest and tackles the New York Times crossword puzzle.