#MeetYourDoc – Mary Horrall, MD

Learn more about pediatrician Mary Horrall, MD

Mary Horrall, MD

Mary Horrall, MD, the first pediatrician to join The Portland Clinic, oversaw the birth of our Pediatrics Department 30 years ago. She has been nurturing our newborn, toddler and teen patients ever since.

An early interest in science led her to study medicine in her home state of Oklahoma. As her work progressed, she learned more about how each individual child, while very similar biologically, experiences wellness and disease in a unique way. As a pediatrician, she says, “I am continually surprised by my little snowflakes.”

Through the years, Dr. Horrall has enjoyed interacting with families and seeing her young patients’ personalities unfold. “From funny moms and involved dads, to kids who interpret the world in such colorful ways,” she says, “it has been my pleasure to watch families grow and change.” She views her work as “a way to guide families to helpful, healthful decisions to lead their best lives.” Sometimes, she adds, “a little reassurance is the best treatment — besides vaccines!”

When she started her own family, Dr. Horrall transitioned from full-time practice to a job-share. “I very much enjoy my job-share with the level-headed Dr. Kathleen Palm,” she says. “Two rested heads really are better than one.” The arrangement allows her to enjoy the best of both worlds — a rewarding pediatrics practice and a rich life outside of the office.

“My life is full, with family time, stories of all kinds, music of all kinds, walking and gardening,” she says, although she could live without the weeding. “Libraries, literary arts, concert halls, stormy nights, peonies and stories with a twist all capture my imagination and fancy.”