#MeetYourDoc — Michael Hwang MD, orthopedics and sports medicine

While he relies on his extensive medical training to provide optimal care for every patient, Dr. Michael Hwang uses something just as valuable to treat people: his ears.

“As a surgeon, it is easy to feel like I primarily offer my technical expertise to my patients,” says Hwang. “But what I have found is that, while patients are appreciative of a surgery done well, they also truly value a doctor who listens and works with them toward finding the best solution for their problem, whether it is surgical or not.”

Serving patients at The Portland Clinic for more than five years, Hwang credits the clinic’s structure and approach to medicine as key in his long-term success in helping individuals return to health.

“I feel fortunate to have great people to work with,” he says. “I can only be focused on one patient at a time, but everyone I see knows they have a team supporting them through treatment and recovery. If I am busy in the operating room, I have people around me who provide such caring attention to my patients until I am available to personally help them. It really is a special environment.”

An introvert by nature who believes he’d be an engineer if he weren’t healing patients every week, Hwang’s calm, patient personality makes him a natural listener and soothing resource for patients who may have struggled with a medical issue for years.

“Returning people to their previous level of function is extremely rewarding,” says Hwang. “Several of my patients had been told elsewhere that there was nothing that could be done to restore their hand or shoulder. It can feel like an entirely hopeless situation, particularly for patients who enjoy living a very active lifestyle. By working together and building a relationship based on trust, my team and I have been able to find a way to restore their health. These have been some of my most grateful patients and some of the most rewarding moments you have as a doctor.”

When not treating patients, Hwang and his wife (a native Portlander) can be found exploring the city. Hwang’s practice is currently accepting new patients and he welcomes the opportunity to meet with residents who may be struggling with mobility challenges, particularly in the hands, arms and shoulders. If you would like to meet with Hwang you can schedule an appointment online today.