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#MeetYourDoc — Ronald Allen, DO, ophthalmology — Downtown, Beaverton and South

Dr. Ronald Allen and family

For more than 10 years, Dr. Ronald Allen has helped neighbors in the Rose City keep an eye on the prize — working to ensure that patients keep their eyesight healthy and strong. The feeling of comradery among the doctors and nurses at The Portland Clinic and the Portland community continues to fuel Allen’s enthusiasm for his medical career, which seemed to be carved in stone from a young age.

At 7 years old, Dr. Allen was prescribed corrective lenses. While some children may scoff at wearing glasses, he was inspired. After showing a distinct interest in the field, he received a great deal of encouragement from his family ophthalmologist to pursue a career in eye health.

“Requiring glasses at a young age was a great incentive to start and continue on this incredible journey, which has led to an amazing career in helping others,” says Dr. Allen. “I look forward to coming in to work every day at the clinic to see my patients — I value them and the close-working, family-oriented group at The Portland Clinic. This environment allows me to meet some of the most inspiring and intriguing people.

“There have been some tremendous moments throughout my decade at The Portland Clinic, and it’s difficult to choose a favorite,” he continues. “The opening of the Alberty Surgical Center was a wonderful experience because we were able help improve medical care opportunities for the city. We’ve also had some great festivities, from exciting summer and winter parties, to indulging in s’mores at provider retreats.”

Curious to know if Dr. Allen has any hidden talents? You may be surprised to find out that, in addition to his premed studies throughout undergraduate school, Dr. Allen minored in music, with a concentration in performance for trombone and baritone horn. If you listen closely in the early mornings, you may hear a beautiful time-to-wake-up-for-school melody as the Allen family works to get their children up and out of bed.