How physical therapy keeps Portlanders moving

#ChoosePT to help stay active and healthy in the face of an injury

Whether it’s a minor tweak in the lower back, or a long recovery from a major shoulder injury or knee surgery, an efficient and productive recovery process is essential to ensure Portlanders get back to their favorite activities and healthy lifestyles as safely as possible. Properly supervised physical therapy is one of the key tools that can help residents of the Rose City recover with minimal or no support from medication or more invasive treatments.

October is National Physical Therapy Month. With local residents enjoying the wide variety of physical activities the Northwest has to offer, the experienced physical therapists at The Portland Clinic see a wide range of ailments throughout the year and want to emphasize how these treatments can help our neighbors enjoy recovery and restoration of movement.

What is physical therapy?pt-blog-image-resized

PT is the treatment of an ailment with physical methods—utilizing massage, stretching, exercise and other means of recovery, in lieu of medication or, in some cases, surgery. The benefits of PT are not only crucial to proper recovery after an injury, but are also vital to continue a healthy quality of life once rehabilitated.

  • Increase mobility: Pain-free, full-range movement is a critical aspect of healthy living, affecting quality of life, work and social activities.
  • Prevent obesity: Obesity is a leading cause of death in 18 percent of adults, and is a concern for patients who suffer from decreased mobility after an injury.
  • Age well: Prevent chronic pain, increase balance and strength as you age, whether you’re injured or not.
  • Cultivate self-responsibility: PT empowers the patient to take a front-row seat to their own recovery, working as hard or as little as they want. You are responsible for your best results during sessions.
  • Avoid painkillers: PT can be a safer way to deal with postinjury or postsurgery pain, with no threat of addiction.

Risks of painkillers

In many cases involving an injury, the appropriate doses and length of prescription for painkillers can be very helpful for patients during recovery. However, painkiller and opioid addiction is a growing concern in not only the United States, but the w
orld. Of the more than 21 million Americans suffering from substance abuse, nearly 10 percent were abusing prescription painkillers and/or opioid-based medications. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends physical therapists discuss with patients the risks and benefits of pain treatment options, including ones that do not involve prescription painkillers, such as physical therapy.

The doctors and nurses at The Portland Clinic encourage any of our neighbors considering physical therapy or medication for pain relief or injury recovery to call and schedule an appointment or consultation with our staff of physical therapists. Please understand that all injuries vary in degree of pain for each person, and the only way to know your ideal recovery process is through a medical exam by a certified clinician. If you’d like to make an appointment, please call 503-223-3113.