Spotlight on The Portland Clinic Foundation: Alyssa McLean, a generous champion!

Without our donors and volunteers, The Portland Clinic Foundation is nothing but a good idea. It’s the generous people, like you, who help make this Foundation work. With strong enthusiasm from all of its donors and volunteers, the Foundation continues to grow, helping to support more local Portland nonprofits, which ensure our neighbors are able to find the help they need.

Saying “thanks” is the least we can do for everyone who has championed The Portland Clinic Foundation in its infancy, so we will be working to tell the story of our dedicated members monthly. In our new Donor Voices features, we will recognize some of the amazing people who contribute, volunteer and donate to keep The Portland Clinic Foundation, and The Portland Clinic’s wider community, strong.

One of the Foundation’s most enthusiastic champions is Alyssa McLean (and her 13-year-old son Miles, who chipped in $10 of his birthday money). Alyssa was one of the first TPC employees to sign up for a Foundation payroll donation, and was a generous contributor to the hygiene products drive for the Clackamas Service Center.

“There’s a lot of negativity out in the world right now, and we’re bombarded with a lot of things that are pretty heartbreaking. To be able to do something locally—even something as small-scale as a payroll deduction—is rewarding because you can see an impact right away,” says McLean, who was also grateful to see how The Portland Clinic Foundation contributions are helping the Clackamas Service Center to rebound after its fire.

“This Foundation’s work is so important. We can all do little things to make a difference in our community, and to brighten the darkness out there,” she continued. “At The Portland Clinic, we’re surrounded by awesome colleagues. It’s a great place to work: we’ve got a lot of generous, kind-hearted people, and I’m just overwhelmed by how much people gave to this!”

Thanks for your amazing work and dedication, Alyssa (and Miles)!

If you would like to learn how to get involved with The Portland Clinic Foundation, please call or email Foundation Executive Director Kris Anderson ([email protected] / 503.221.0161 x 2154). You can also visit our website and donate online: