#MeetYourDoc — Janson Holm, DPM, FACFAS, Foot and Ankle Specialist, Downtown & Tigard

A wide receiver catches a pass and streaks toward the goal line for a touchdown. A marathon runner measures their stride on their way to a new personal best. A yogi demonstrates a new position to students. A ballet dancer glides across the floor. The way the human body can move fascinated Dr. Janson Holm early on in his studies. But more specifically, he was drawn to how the feet and ankles serve as the basic building blocks, the foundation for all movement of the human body.

That interest in kinesiology led Dr. Holm to invest in several years of study before becoming one of the Northwest’s finest foot and ankle surgeons. For more than five years, he has served patients at The Portland Clinic, restoring movement following injury and improving quality of life for those dealing with illnesses like arthritis or suffering from deformities and irregularities.

“Every patient is different, with a unique medical background and goals for what they want to achieve post-treatment,” Dr. Holm explains. “Some of my patients simply want to walk pain free after dealing with a hammer toe. Others have a desire to return to top form as distance runners after repairing a ruptured tendon or a broken bone. I love that The Portland Clinic gives me the freedom to treat my patients as individuals and focus on the best course of treatment for each one.”

A four-time honoree in the Portland Monthly “Top Docs” feature, Dr. Holm also places a premium on treating his patients as efficiently as possible.

“One of the best things about working with The Portland Clinic is the speed with which I can deliver care to my patients,” he explains. “I can obtain tests and imaging studies quickly, and arrange for consultation with other specialists right away. For example, I recently had a patient with a ruptured Achilles tendon who had developed a blood clot in the lower leg. I was able to see the patient for an initial consultation, arrange an ultrasound to identify the blood clot, schedule that patient for surgery to repair the tendon and set the patient up with the nurse clinic to manage the medication that would treat the blood clot, all in one afternoon. That is unheard of in modern healthcare, but it is possible at The Portland Clinic.”

While passionate about his work and dedicated to giving his patients the best care possible every day, Dr. Holm also values his time away from the office. A devoted husband and proud father of three daughters, he can be found outside of the clinic exploring the Pacific Northwest’s many trails on foot or by bike, as well as exploring Mother Nature by canoe. At home, he’s often puttering around his Portland home, tackling landscaping projects or designing a new piece in his woodworking shop.

Dr. Holm welcomes new patients to join his practice and is eager to help all of his patients enjoy the fullest, most active lifestyle possible by improving the way their bodies function and removing pain and discomfort from their daily lives. If you would like to meet with Dr. Holm, you can schedule an appointment online today.