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#MeetYourDoc – Patricia Blumenthal PsyD, Behavioral Health, East

Always fascinated by what causes people to change, Dr. Patricia Blumenthal had her mind set on becoming a psychologist even before graduating from high school. Every book on psychotherapy and psychology she could get her hands on seemed to turn their own pages as the future doctor eagerly read through work by Carl Rogers, Karen Horney, Viktor Frankl and Fritz Perls. Heavily influenced by the Transcendental Meditation and Gestalt movements of the ’70s, a true appreciation of human growth was bubbling before she began her undergrad studies.

Fast-forward a few decades, and you’ll find Dr. Blumenthal providing services to a wide variety of Portland-area residents. She places a high value on collaborative care through her work at The Portland Clinic East, working side by side with the many primary care physicians available at the Rose City-wide practice.

“As a psychologist, establishing a private practice can be a lonely pursuit,” explains Dr. Blumenthal. “I love that The Portland Clinic is big enough to serve thousands of people, but each branch feels like a small family. It’s not unusual for someone to tell me their parents and grown children are patients of The Portland Clinic. It really does feel like a neighborhood clinic, and I love that I can be part of this community.”

A native of Massachusetts and a resident of the PNW for nearly 10 years, Dr. Blumenthal finds it difficult to nail down one favorite thing about living in Portland, simply for the fact that there are so many! “Oh, how I love the food, but I also have to share that the very first time I set foot in Portland, I was amazed at how many shades of green there were out here. Every variation imaginable! I love, love the trees and green spaces.”

Fun fact: Dr. Blumenthal is a contributing blogger to the Huffington Post and routinely shares her personal thoughts as a way to connect with others, and to show her patients that she too has anxieties and experiences that have affected her life. “I try not to be a detached therapist,” she says. “I want to be as transparent as possible about who I am, where I’ve come from and how I can help my patients.

“My favorite memories of my colleagues at The Portland Clinic will always be the countless days after the office is officially closed, but I can hear all of the doctors still in their offices writing chart notes and answering messages. It is in those times that I feel so fond of the people at The Portland Clinic and how much they care about their patients,” continues Dr. Blumenthal. “I am also so touched when a patient tells me that our work together has made a difference in their lives. That’s the most rewarding feedback I could ever receive.”

For a glance at Dr. Blumenthal in action, watch her live #AskPortlandClinic Facebook chat, discussing mental health tips and exercises.