#MeetYourDoc – Ryan Gorger OD

Ophthalmology, Beaverton, South and Downtown

As a child, Dr. Ryan Gorger was no stranger to eye-care professionals. A wearer of corrective lenses from a young age, he never felt like his visits to the eye doctor were a chore; he enjoyed learning how his eyes worked and how optometry can benefit the lives of so many people. A strong interest in learning about vision and the ocular system as an adult was the motivation he needed to pursue a career in Optometry.

For several years, Dr. Gorger was a patient at The Portland Clinic while simultaneously beginning his career as an Optometrist. He felt the clinic offered more than just excellent clinical care but also a personal and friendly environment for all the clinic’s patients. He believed this was a key attribute to the successful culture of clinicians, and it was what eventually led him to practice with The Portland Clinic.

“I was so impressed with the multidiscipline approach to patient care offered by The Portland Clinic,” says Dr. Gorger. “My favorite thing about TPC has been the camaraderie of the clinic physicians, support staff and administration. This is what makes our clinic great!”

Dr. Gorger has been practicing Optometry for 11 years, with nearly three years at The Portland Clinic. He follows a strong philosophy on patient care: Listen attentively to all patients and recommend the best treatment options for their individual needs and concerns. “Some of the most meaningful feedback that I have received from patients is that I really listen to their concerns and address them,” Dr. Gorger says. “Being able to help my patients is a very rewarding experience.”

When Dr. Gorger is not in the office, he is occupied by projects around the house. He likes to be proficient in everything he can, so it’s not unusual for him to take the time to research how to do something and then go for it. He is also a fan of exploring the wonderful parks, picturesque trails and beautiful outdoor areas of Portland.