Primary Care

Most people are pretty healthy. They may get a cold or flu or an injury, but by and large, they’re healthy. That’s why there are Primary Care physicians. These generalists work in close, ongoing relationships with patients, tending to health issues as they arise, conducting yearly exams, educating about prevention and always being on the out-look out for problems, be it heart disease, diabetes, cancer or anything else. In essence, Primary Care physicians are the quarterbacks of the medical profession, identifying problems and making referrals to specialists when necessary.  At The Portland Clinic, Primary Care is made up of Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and Pediatrics.

Location Specialty Extensions

Beaverton – (503) 223-3113

Columbia – (503) 223-3113

Downtown – (503) 223-3113

East – (503) 223-3113

South – (503) 223-3113


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We recently received notice that the Solar Eclipse Glasses that our Ophthalmology department has been distributing to (eye) patients 7/25/17 - 8/11/17 have been recalled due to ISO certification uncertainty.  Even though the glasses indicate ISO 12312-2 certified, we have not received confirmation from the supplier that our order was sourced from a recommended manufacturer.  We are strongly advising that you discard and do not use the solar glasses if you picked them up from our Ophthalmology departments located at our Beaverton, Downtown and South offices and use glasses that have been supplied from a reputable vendor to ensure the utmost viewing safety.  (Note:  the Solar Eclipse glasses distributed through our pediatric department are confirmed to be ISO certified).