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In our fourth year of accepting public grant applications, we proudly distributed $75,000 in unrestricted grants to 31 Portland-area nonprofits. Among them, Portland Street Medicine received an early grant to support their urgent mission of caring for unhoused Portlanders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please join us in celebrating our 2020 grantees:

$5,000 Recipients

Clackamas Service Center

Community, hot meals, a food pantry, basic supplies, health and housing advocacy and referrals, and more for low-income and unhoused individuals and families, including COVID-19 emergency food box pickup and delivery to encampments.

Family Justice Center of Washington County

A one-stop resource center for survivors of domestic abuse, including police, court, legal, mental health, childcare, housing assistance, and other services, including urgent COVID-19 support.

Portland Street Medicine

On-site healthcare, referrals, and resources to unhoused Portlanders in encampments across Portland, including COVID-19 education and monitoring.

$4,000 Recipients

North by Northeast Community Health Center

Provides culturally-specific healthcare and wellness initiatives for low-income African American, Black, and other under-served community members, including COVID-19 education and monitoring.

Portland Refugee Support Group

Helps refugee families integrate successfully into their new homes and lives, including the navigation of COVID-19 economic and social support resources.

$3,000 Recipients

Black Futures Farm – Black Food Sovereignty Council

A veteran-run collaborative farm in the Creston-Kenilworth community creating healthy food and promoting wellness, self-reliance, and food equity for Black-identifying people and other neighbors, including food delivery during COVID-19.


Builds housing, hope and community through affordable housing, leadership development, and youth programs to primarily Latinx farmworker families in western Washington County, including COVID-19 economic assistance for its families.

Centro Cultural del Condado de Washington

Oldest Latinx nonprofit in Oregon, offering arts and culture, civic leadership, wellness initiatives, economic empowerment, youth programs, and COVID-19 emergency economic relief.

Familias en Acción

Health advocacy and education for Latinx families, including chronic illness support and public policy work, including providing COVID-19 nutrition and relief guidance.

Rose Haven

A day shelter and community center for women and children suffering from abuse, homelessness, and other disruptive life events, including continuing meals and supplies during COVID-19.

Write Around Portland

Builds a more humane, respectful inclusive, world through free creative writing workshops in hospitals, shelters, prisons, senior centers, schools, and treatment facilities; combating COVID-19 isolation through online workshops and mailed correspondence.

$2,500 Recipients


Claims representation for low-income or unhoused people with disabilities to ensure they receive permanent income through Social Security benefits.

Boost Oregon

Parent-led community that educates Oregonians about the safety and benefits of childhood vaccines.

Ecology in Classrooms and Outdoors (ECO)

Inspires elementary school students from low-income schools to connect to our natural world by providing sustained, long-term ecology enrichment programs.

Growing Gardens

Uses the experience of growing food in schools, backyards, and correctional facilities to cultivate healthy and equitable communities.

Sexual Assault Resource Center

Provides resources and support for survivors of sexual violence.

Store to Door

A personal grocery shopping and delivery service to support independence for homebound seniors and people with disabilities, including providing essential shopping for people at higher risk of COVID-19.

$2,000 Recipients

Milagro Theatre Group

Creates bilingual productions, culture, events, festivals, and educational events for Latinx and all Portlanders.

Portland Animal Welfare Team (PAWS)

Saves lives and alleviates suffering by providing free vaccinations and veterinary care to the animal companions of people who are experiencing homelessness.

$1,500 Recipients

Borland Free Clinic

Provides hope and healing through free medical care to low-income and unhoused people in Tualatin and neighboring communities.

The Black United Fund

Assists in the social and economic development of Oregon’s under-served communities, including through mentorship, education, and support for youth leaders.


Unlocks the potential of people with disabilities by combating stigma and ensuring each individual’s educational attainment, employment, and independence.

The Pathfinder Network

Provides justice system-impacted individuals and families with the mentorship, support, and skills they need to disrupt recidivism and be safe and thrive in their communities.

Portland Food Project

A volunteer-driven network of food donation and collection that provides a regular supply for 19 food pantries across greater Portland.

Urban Gleaners

Collects delicious, fresh food before it goes to waste and distributes it to the people who need it most.

$1,000 Recipients

Clay Street Table

Creates a caring community by feeding hungry and unhoused people in downtown Portland, including COVID-19 takeaway meal boxes.

Family of Friends Mentoring

Provides responsive adult mentors to help at-risk kids in Gresham to live healthy, meaningful and productive lives.

Good Neighbor Center

Provides safe, emergency housing and empowering support services to families in Tigard experiencing homelessness, as well as emergency funds to keep people from losing their homes.

Music Workshop

Creates and delivers free, inspirational K-8 online music education for any school to teach regardless of their means or location.

Neighbor to Neighbor (Mt. Scott Church)

Creates community and inter-reliance through volunteers helping neighbors in need with various tasks and services.

With Love Oregon

Provides clothing, supplies, resources, and community for foster families of children ages 0-6.



The Portland Clinic Foundation is supported by contributions from you—our patients, employees, partners, friends, colleagues and wider community members. In 2020, the foundation received 69 applications totaling more than $312,000. The Portland Clinic awards “unrestricted grants” which allow recipients more flexibility in the way they use the funds. Unrestricted grants are a way of providing resources that can be used immediately.

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“The support from The Portland Clinic Foundation at this time is truly life saving. We had to change all our programming to keep our community safe while continuing to serve. These funds provide so much stability for our most vulnerable. Thank you!” — Debra Mason, executive director, Clackamas Service Center


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