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The Portland Clinic Foundation: About Us

Advancing community wellness

Our Story

The Portland Clinic Foundation was created in 1963 after a long-serving clinic nurse left The Portland Clinic a generous bequest. Quiet for decades, the Foundation was reawakened in 2015 to reflect the generosity of The Portland Clinic providers and patients. Now, the Foundation is vital, thriving and growing, thanks to our expanding community of supporters and to the strong leadership of our board and staff.

Our Mission

Through evidence-informed, results-oriented philanthropy, The Portland Clinic Foundation supports nonprofits that improve community wellness and advance the social determinants of good health—whether through early-childhood education, environmental clean-up, racial equity advocacy, domestic violence prevention, or a groundbreaking local theater production.

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We have a powerful mission, a world-class grantmaking model, and a wealth of expertise and passion in our corner. But we want to help even more people than we can currently reach, and to do so, we need your support!

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Growing Gardens: 2018 grant recipient
Growing Gardens: past grant recipient

Our Grants

Each year, The Portland Clinic Foundation gives out tens of thousands of dollars in unrestricted grants to impactful nonprofits across the greater Portland area (Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas counties). Past grantees have ranged from Sexual Assault Resource Center, and the Coalition of Communities of Color, to the Shadow Project (which provides assisted learning technologies to at-risk students), Bienestar (which provides affordable housing and advocacy for low-income farmworkers), Growing Gardens (which provides nutrition education and garden space to low-income communities and communities of color), and many other remarkable organizations.

The Portland Clinic Foundation’s board and donors are proud of the diversity and impact of the organizations that we support. We look forward to working with them and with future grantees to strengthen Portland’s communities and to advance community wellness.

See our 2017 and 2018 and 2019 grant recipients.

“Having a bed to rest upon is the most significant resource that we can provide, as it not only provides rest but also a sense of hope and dignity to refugees, many of whom have spent many months–sometimes years–without their own proper bed to sleep in. With the support of The Portland Clinic Foundation, we were able to supply ten new beds!”

–Refugee Services, Catholic Charities, which provides secular assistance to and advocacy for refugees and asylum seekers  who arrive in Oregon

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Community Warehouse: 2017 grant recipient
Community Warehouse: 2017 grant recipient

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