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We provide unrestricted, small ($1,000–$5,000) grants to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations located in the tri-county area. See our 2017 and 2018 grant recipients.

The Portland Clinic Foundation is a new, regional grantmaker that seeks to partner with nonprofits across Washington, Multnomah and Clackamas counties. Through evidence-driven, results-oriented philanthropy, The Portland Clinic Foundation will support nonprofit organizations that improve community wellness and advance the social determinants of good health—whether via a clean water program, domestic violence prevention, a literacy initiative, a groundbreaking local theater company or any other program or organization that helps create and sustain healthy communities.

At The Portland Clinic Foundation, we know that you—the nonprofits working on the front line to meet some of our greatest societal needs—are the experts. You know your communities, and your needs, better than we do. We also know that your success should be determined by your impact, not by your capacity to fill out complicated forms.  That’s why we keep our grant application straightforward, our grantmaking priorities broad, our reporting requirements simple, and our funding unrestricted.* In 2017, 84 percent of our grant applicants said that our application was “easy” or “fairly easy,” which means that nonprofits can spend less time doing paperwork, and more time doing good work.

“This has been the most user-friendly grant we have ever worked with. Thank you.” –TPC Foundation 2017 grant applicant


  • Our 2019 grant application period ran from February 13, 2019, at 8 a.m. until March 20, 2019, at 12 p.m. (noon). Successful grant applicants will be notified mid-May 2019.
  • Checks will be mailed before June 1, 2019.


Children at the Raphael House



The Portland Clinic Foundation is new to the funding scene and wants to learn from you—the nonprofit community—about where our funds are most needed. Because of this, we are currently leaving our grantmaking priorities broad and cross sector. Any Multnomah, Washington, or Clackamas County 501(c)(3) organization that advances community wellness, satisfies the standards of Our Commitment to Equity and meets the terms of our grant restrictions (below) is welcome to apply.

For us, community wellness goes beyond physical health. We support organizations that address:

  • The social and cultural needs that impact community wellness
  • The environmental and economic needs that impact community wellness
  • The intellectual, artistic and spiritual (quality-of-life) needs that impact community wellness
  • Inequities in the provision of needs that impact community wellness

Our grants are unrestricted and can go to support general operating, capital improvements, capacity building, programs/projects or various other needs. We cannot fund endowments or events; additional restrictions are listed below.


  • We will only fund organizations that meet the standards of Our Commitment to Equity.
  • We only fund 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations that are classified as public charities under 509(a) (1) or (2) of the IRS tax code.
  • We only fund organizations that are headquartered in Washington, Multnomah or Clackamas County. It is wonderful if you provide services to a wider area, but we request that our grant funds only be directed for use within one or more of those three counties.
  • To ensure adherence to IRS standards for private foundations, we will not consider grant requests for:
    1. Contributions to or memberships in fraternal organizations, service clubs, labor organizations, merchant associations or chamber memberships or programs.
    2. Section 501(c)(4) or (6) organizations or 509(a)(3)-supporting organizations.
    3. Private foundations or “pass through” organizations.
    4. Endowments, debt retirement, deficit reduction, memorial campaigns, fundraising events or sponsorships.
    5. Programs operated by religious organizations for religious purposes.
    6. Political organizations or organizations designed primarily to lobby or advance legislation or political philosophies.
    7. Individuals, including those seeking scholarships or fellowship assistance.
    8. Travel and related expenses including student trips and tours.
    9. Hospital systems and their affiliate clinics or provider groups. (Note: We will consider applications from stand-alone 501(c)(3) community clinics.)
    10. Private or public schools and universities (however, 501(c)(3)-run educational programs will be considered, eg., The Shadow Project or Growing Gardens (see Our Grantees). However, 501(c)(3)-run educational programs THAT OPERATE ACROSS MULTIPLE SCHOOLS will be considered.
    11. Athletic teams, school bands and choirs, including equipment and uniforms.
    12. Organizations that discriminate or otherwise violate The Portland Clinic Foundation’s equity and nondiscrimination statements.
    13. Any cause from which The Portland Clinic or an employee or their family or business partners would benefit financially, professionally, educationally, or otherwise (eg. sponsorship requests, extracurricular clubs, professional memberships, corporate awards).
    14. Any other activities or organizations for which support would violate IRS regulations governing private foundations.
  • We will not grant to organizations that fail to comply with The Portland Clinic Foundation’s nondiscrimination policy that ensures the organization does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, disability, marital status, genetic information, veteran status or other factors protected by law.


Once you have reviewed eligibility requirements and restrictions (above), please follow our submission process:

  1. Go to our grant application site >
  2. Log in with your existing account or set up a new account.
    1. You can use this account and log in for current and future TPC Foundation grant cycles, as well as for other foundations that use this system.
  3. Access the main grant application.
    1. This can be saved to work on in stages.
  4. Attach the following three mandatory documents in the application form:
    1. your organization’s 990 summary page
    2. a list of your board of directors and their primary affiliations
    3. your most recent year’s budget summary

NOTE: If you lack any of these documents, please reach out to us–we may be able to waive certain requirements.

  1. Attach three optional attachments to help us understand your organization. These may include the following:
    1. Photos
    2. Brochures
    3. Testimonials
  2. When you are finished with your application, please go back through to make sure you have ticked all the relevant boxes and filled in all the mandatory fields. We strongly suggest you save your application elsewhere before you submit it.
  3. Select “Submit.”
    1. You will receive an email confirmation that your application has been received.
      NOTE: We encourage you to submit early, as late submissions will not be accepted.

If you have any questions or problems, please reach out to, or call Foundation Executive Director Kris Anderson at 503.221.0161 x2154. (Please note: Kris is not in the office full time; responses may be delayed.)

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Raphael House, 2017 grant recipient

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